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Turkey Recipes

 Tasty Simple Turkey Recipes

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Turkey is a classic meat that is found on the table of a lot of American families tables on Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. However, in my household turkey is eaten all year long. The traditional way of cooking turkey is usually thawing the bird, stuffing it and finally roasting it in the oven. Sometimes this can become a little boring and at times the results are not good.

Your turkey could end up being overcooked and the dark meat soggy. The good thing is, I’m about to share 6 great ways to cook your turkey. So, Let us take a look at 6 different ways to cook a turkey and if done right you can enjoy amazing results with your turkey recipes.

1. Brine the turkey then deep fry it


This sounds like fun right? This method involves soaking the turkey in brown sugar and brine of kosher salt for 9 – 15 hours. You can soak it as a whole or cut it into smaller pieces. For the deep-frying pan, you should always do it outside. You can use a propane burner or any other outdoor cooker you have. Most recipes use peanut oil for deep-frying but vegetable oil also works well. Your brined turkey will be entirely cooked in less than an hour.


2. Roast the turkey in parts

To roast a turkey  your goal is to ensure that the dark and white meat are evenly cooked. First seperate turkey parts  and place the pieces in the oven in the order in which they cook. Start with the dark meat first, and then add the white meat after some time. The thighs take the shortest time to cook therefore you should add them around 30 minutes after the legs and breast have started.

3. Grill the turkey

Grilling gives you a lot of free time to do other things in the kitchen. It also gives the grill turkey a crisp texture and a smoky texture making it tastier than an oven turkey. Since grills are not as precise as ovens, you need to keep a close eye on the meat thermometer and the meat thermometer. Ensure that the temperature remains constant throughout the entire cooking process. If you are using charcoal, add coals from time to time as needed.

4. Stew the turkey

If you are one of those people who do not enjoy the dryness of turkey meat, turkey stew it is a good option for you. Just prepare any herbs, spices or vegetables you would like to use and form thick gravy. Simply drown your turkey in the gravy and let it cook to your satisfaction. This method takes less time than oven-roasting and also has a lot of flavors to experiment with.

5. Smoked turkey

Smoked turkey is prepared in a smoker and counts on the unique taste added by the wood chips. Different types of wood usually add different flavors to your turkey. The most popular smokers for turkeys are water smokers. For even more taste, you can brine the turkey in bourbon, apple cider or wine before smoking it.

6. Braised

Braised turkey eliminates the natural dryness of turkey by retaining the moisture in the meat. First cut your turkey into smaller pieces. The next step involves lightly frying the meat. The final step is stewing the meat in low heat inside a closed container it’s ready to serve. This is only 6 turkey recipes there are tons more turkey recipes for you and your family to enjoy.