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Holiday Dinner Party Dessert Ideas


Illustration by Gary Smith of a family eating their Christmas dinner.

You turkey dinner was a smash hit, now its time to bring on the dessert. You can help keep your guest happy and make cherished memories with a  well-planned and executed dessert spread, you know what it feels like as a guest to be pampered with great food and excellent company.

There is nothing that can’t be beat with some good preparation and a table full of sweets. Your dinner party dessert should be the cherry on top. It is the string that will tie the whole night together. Get the dessert right, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the dinner host your friends will envy.

With so many delectable dessert options, how does one begin? Here are 5 dessert party ideas that are guaranteed to creatively delight your dinner party guests. Choose one or choose them all. There should never be any limits to saccharine.

1. Single-served sweetness
One cupcake. Or two macarons. Three lovely eclairs. Just get each guest his own. Let your guests decorate their own with sprinkles or cream or not. These will be perfect for those who get greedy with their sweets.

2. Family-style delights
Think of a Large German Christmas Gingerbread that everyone can just dig into at the same time. It’ll make for a good story, a good photo op, and a happy belly. You don’t have to go giant either. A full-sized cranberry eggnog cheesecake. 

3. Bonbon buffet
You can also make an entire dessert spread. Who wouldn’t want a selection of treats? Soft, chewy cookies. Red velvet truffles. Chocolate dipped anything. Think of miniature-sized bites your guests can pile up on their plates. They wouldn’t say no.


4. Traveling sweet tooth
Take it to the next level by doing a themed dessert menu. You can match your main course menu or take your guests to a completely different adventure. If you served Italian for your main course, you can maybe have a variety of homemade gelato your guests can choose from. Or if you’re feeling up for it, take them to a completely different country and serve some Indian Galub Jamun or Mexican churros for dessert. So many countries, such little time.

5. Treats to-go
Never let your guests go home empty-handed. If your dinner party is expected to last the night, you can easily send your guests away with something to remember the night by. A slice of german christmas gingerbread or a cup of mousse will do. This little gesture will surely amuse.

A little thought goes a long way. End your night with one of these delightful ideas, and your friends will be asking you when the next dinner party will be. Remember, what’s a dinner part without those special touches that always warms your guest hearts and put them in a festive mood like holiday decor. Checkout the extra little things you can do below

  • If entertaining is what you love to do then it would be wise to invest in good set of holiday china
  • Before your guest leave you can let them get a gift from under the christmas tree then send them on their merry way
  • So always have a decorated tree on hand if it’s that time of season

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