eat turkey any time of the year

Easy Glorious Roasted Brined Turkey

This is not the easiest way to prepare a turkey but it is by far a great tasting way to enjoy a turkey feast. So, let’s get started.


2 cups kosher salt
1 cup honey
25 bay leaves
2 garlic heads cut in half
1/4 cup blackpeppercorns
2 gallons water
1 thyme bunch
1 parsley bunch
5 lemons cut in half


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put all the above ingredients in a large pot with lid bring to a boil
boil fo a minute stir until salt dissolve
remove from heat let cool then chill before using Brine can be stored in refrigerater for up to 3 days
place thawed turkey into a plastic bucket with lid pour the cooled brine on top of turkey
add ice water to cover the turkey completely
put lid on the bucket keep cold overnight for 12 hours
remove turkey from brine take anything that might be in the cavity of turkeylet turkey get to room temperature for a few hours before putting in oven
for turkey you can add fresh lemon 1 garlic and put fresh herbs into the cavity before normal roasting