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How To Carve A Turkey

How To Carve A Turkey


Learning how to cut a turkey properly is essential for making a flawless presentation at you holiday table. Although you might roast your bird to golden-brown perfection, if you aren’t proficient with a carving knife you can quickly turn your culinary masterpiece into a shredded pile of disaster. Fortunately, the following tips will guide you though this process so that you can impress your guests and serve up aesthetically pleasing pieces of meat with minimal effort.

Let The Turkey Cool

Never attempt to carve your turkey while it’s still piping hot and fresh from the oven. Instead, let the bird sit for at least 20 minutes. It will still be at an acceptable serving temperature, but it will be much easier to carve. After the cooling process is done, carefully transfer your bird from the roasting pain to the carving platter. 

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Start With The Breasts

Slice downward in an even stroke, beginning halfway up the breast. Once your knife reaches the wing joint, the meat will fall from the body of the turkey all on its own. Place your knife at a higher point with each cut and gradually clear the breast away. Layer each piece on the serving tray for visual perfection or pass the breast meat out as you cut it to your eagerly waiting guests. It is generally best to start with the breasts first, given that you will need to insert a serving fork into the top of the bird to steady it when carving off the wings and other choice pieces.

Remove The Drumsticks

There are only two on every bird and these are a real treat for lovers of dark meat. Start by simply removing the band that tethers the legs together. If your turkey is properly cooked through, removing the drumsticks should be easy. The rich, darker meat in this area will have steeped in the roasting juices for hours, thereby softening up the attachments. Hold the drumstick by its end and place the knife between the body of the bird and the place where the drumstick meets the thigh. Use the knife to disjoin the leg while you pull the drumstick out and back. You can then cut away the thigh meat at the joint. More of this will remain at the underside of the turkey can be cut away once you’re ready to flip your bird over.

Tips For Taking Off The Wings

You’ll need to hold your bird steady when taking off the wings. You can do this by using a serving fork placed into the top of the bird. Make sure that your breasts have already been cut away so that you don’t disturb this meat while removing the wings. Use your knife to cut horizontally above the turkey wing and through the actual body. If necessary, you can also disjoint the wing and serve this separate from the body.

A well-roasted and succulent bird is never difficult to cut. In every instance, however, you want to have a sharp, high-quality carving knife on hand and at least one, large serving fork. With these strategies you can serve up a feast that’s fit for a king.


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