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Turkey Hotdogs A Great Summer Time Treat





Thursday morning I decided to get my hair done at a hair school where students do your hair for a huge discount at the guidence of an teacher. Well that decision turned out great because I got a great wash, condition and hairdo for $50 bucks but, that’s not all upstairs they was having a fundraiser for the young students to go to a hair show in Atlanta by selling food and I went up to support the young people because i’m always happy to see young people doing something with their lives. Well I bought 2 hotdogs with all the trimming ¬†and they were so good I was told they were turkey franks done on the grill.

I was so impressed with these turkey hotdogs I wrote this blog post because we are in the middle of summer and everybody knows the kids are home for summer vacation and it is the perfect time for some outdoor grilling. Now is the so get yourself some turkey franks Fire-up the grill and enjoy these tasty treat topped with your favorite topping and sides. Maybe try them for the 4th of July fun in the sun.


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